What You Should Do Before the Movers Arrive

When moving to a new home in Sacramento, California, you might need to hire the services of a reliable moving company. Once you have identified the perfect mover and finalized the contract, you need to prepare. Proper preparation will make your move less stressful, shorter and inexpensive. Here are some of the things you can do to prepare.

5 Tips for Moving into Your New Property

Know What Can and Cannot Be Moved

Moving companies have strict policies about the kind of stuff they can carry. For instance, they wouldn’t transport explosive, corrosive or flammable items no matter how persuasive a homeowner tries to be. Other movers might even prohibit the carrying of cash, drugs, pets, liquids and paints. These companies refuse to carry these things for security and safety reasons. Besides, the law in most cities prohibits the ferrying of these items. If you wish to have a stressless moving experience, only include what your shipping company allows.

Get the members of your household on board

Naturally, your house occupants might be anxious about moving to the new home, or emotional because they are abandoning what used to be their home. For this reason, it is important to get all the members to participate in the final preparations, so as to ensure no one leaves his or her valuable possessions behind. Moreover, the member’s involvement will help you to finish preparing much faster than if you did all the packing by yourself. All you need to do is to allocate different roles to each member.

What to do before movingDedicate a no-pack zone

When moving to your new Sacramento home, there’s a high chance you will not bring everything along. Establish a no-pack zone for holding what you want to transport. Besides reducing the packing mix-ups, the room will make it easier for the movers to know what to pack. It’s also more efficient as they no longer need to confirm each item with you. At the end of the day, the exercise will take a shorter time, which will help you cut packing and shipping costs.

Sort out your stuff

Since you will not be ferrying every item, you should take the time to sift through and sort out your belongings. Get rid of what you no longer need or use, as well as the items that the moving company will not carry. Doing so will create more room for you to include essential belongings, and also reduce the loading and shipping costs significantly.

Preparing before a moveMake an inventory of all the items

Take the time to list each item you plan to bring to your new home in Sacramento. While at it, also mention their physical conditions. By so doing, you will have sufficient evidence of what you loaded into the truck, and what you left behind. Many homeowners fail to itemize their belongings before loading them on the truck only to reach their destination and discover that some valuables are missing or ruined. At such a point, it becomes virtually impossible for them to determine whether the shipping company is liable for the damaged or missing valuables.