Where to Find Cheap or Free Moving Boxes in Sacramento, CA

Moving requires a lot of supplies and resources. You need packing tape, bubble wrap, a decent-sized truck and least a couple strong, capable helpers. Unless you are hiring a moving company in Sacramento.

However, there is one thing that always takes priority whenever people start preparing to move: boxes, lots of boxes. In our years in this business, we’ve seen countless people run into the same challenge time and time again: Where to find free moving boxes in Sacramento, CA.

Although this can be a challenge, there are ways to get your hands on enough cardboard to make your move happen smoothly and easily. Start your search at any of the following places:


Check the Free section of this classifieds website and you could find people ready to give their cardboard boxes away to the first person who comes to pick them up. Although they are free and often local, it is rare to find one source for all your packing needs unless the ad poster recently moved and is giving away dozens of boxes at a time. Typically you’ll get just a few boxes from one post, another handful from another, and so on.

Liquor Stores

Nothing beats a liquor store for obtaining free boxes of the perfect size for your glassware and other small personal items. Here’s a comprehensive list of liquor stores you can visit in order to get free cardboard boxes in Sacramento, CA, call ahead and ask if they have any to give away:

Large Retailers

Most large retailers receive their shipments in heavy duty boxes that they then throw out. If you call ahead or visit the store, you might be able to take whatever boxes remain from the last shipment received. Clothing retailers, supermarkets and department outlets are all included in this category. Most of these stores are happy to give out free moving boxes in Sacramento, CA:

  • Old Navy3581 N. Freeway Blvd. Sacramento, CA (916) 419-0151
  • Old Navy9155 W. Stockton Rd. Sacramento, CA (916) 478-2800
  • Raley’s4650 Natomas Blvd. Sacramento, CA (916) 419-6633
  • Raley’s4850 Freeport Blvd. Sacramento, CA (916) 452-6861
  • Raley’s8391 Folsom Blvd. Sacramento, CA (916) 383-6622
  • Big Lots6630 Valley Hi Dr. Sacramento, CA (916) 423-1171
  • Big Lots8700 La Riviera Dr. Sacramento, CA (916) 363-5623
  • Big Lots1270 W. Capital Ave, Sacramento, CA (916) 373-0367
  • Big Box Outlet Store4400 E. Commerce Way #300, Sacramento, CA (916) 640-0404
  • HomeGoods9674 Bruceville Rd. Sacramento, CA (916) 714-4300
  • HomeGoods8676 Sierra College Blvd. Sacramentro, CA (916) 772-8910
  • HomeGoods1010 E. Bidwell St. Sacramento, CA (916) 984-4157
  • Macy’s: 414 K St. Sacramento, CA (916) 444-3333
  • Viva Supermarket4211 Norwood Ave, Sacramento, CA (916) 993-4100

The Home Depot

If local liquor stores and retailers can’t provide you with the size or the types of moving boxes you need, Home Depot has a wide selection. You won’t get them for free, but they typically cost a dollar or two each, making it an easy and affordable way to get exactly the number, size and type of cardboard boxes you need. There are ten Home Depot warehouses in the greater metropolitan area:

Sacramento State University

In the late summer months, particularly August, thousands of students come moving into on-campus dormitories at Sacramento State University. Students from across the country move into the campus residences, bringing with them thousands of boxes that get used once and then discarded. Most universities prepare for this by designating a special area for box disposal. Find out more by calling the University Housing and Residential Life offices at (916) 278-6655 and asking.


Anyone with a collection of books knows that they can get heavy. Typical cardboard boxes simply don’t perform when it comes to carrying books, but bookstore-quality shipping boxes are designed to do the trick. To get these types of boxes, there is no better place to start than at your local bookstores. Large book retailers typically receive shipments once or twice a week, and if you call ahead you can arrange to be present and pick up some free heavy-duty boxes.

Free Sacramento Moving Boxes Make Your Move Cheaper

You’re sure to find the boxes you need through one or more of the resources listed above. You may have to make several calls before finding the right one, as most of them have their own box recycling programs in place. The best thing is to arrive right when a shipment takes place so that you can grab the boxes immediately afterwards. When you’re finished with your boxes, put them up on Craigslist and hand them off to the next lucky mover in need.

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