Moving to Placer County

A general guide from a Placer County mover

Get to know Placer County

Placer County grew out of California’s gold rush. That’s hard to believe in the county’s modernized regions. However, historical sites still abound and teach lessons from the past.

Roseville, Rocklin, Auburn and Lincoln are some of the most popular cities in the county. Each has a distinct personality.

Roseville is by far the county’s largest city. Rocklin features historical quarries. Auburn, the county seat, is the hometown of George and Lennie in John Steinbeck’s classic “Of Mice and Men.” Lincoln, once a small town, has expanded by leaps and bounds during the 21st century.

If you’re new to Placer County, there’s a lot you need to know. You’ve left behind your favorite restaurants, neighborhoods, and activities. Employment opportunities, transportation options, local weather, even residents: all new and different.

Fortunately, we’ve been thinking about you. We put together an online guide with vital information for Rocklin, Auburn, Lincoln, and Roseville.

You don’t have to take your chances surfing the Internet. Through the following websites, you’ll get thorough introductions to all the cities. Then you’ll know what you have to look forward to.

Chapter 1:

Things To know

Start with the basics. Get a feel for where you’re going to live in Placer County. Find out what locals have to say about their hometowns.

If you haven’t decided yet where you’re going to settle, overviews of Roseville, Rocklin, Lincoln, and Auburn will be helpful. You might see something that makes you say, “Yeah, that’s for me.”

Each of these websites gives you background info on one of the cities. Though they’re relatively close together in Placer County, they’re all unique.

Learn about their special qualities:

Chapter 2:

Placer County Weather

If you’re used to extreme weather, Placer County will be a welcome change. The area generally has a cool winter, hot summer, and comfortable spring and fall.

You’ll experience a lot of sunny days, but only a moderate amount of precipitation. Most of the rain shows up between October and April, while summer months are pretty dry.

Check out weather details for individual cities:

Chapter 3:

Food & Drink In Placer County

Placer County has the perfect climate for wineries, much like that of southern France and Italy. Numerous family-owned boutique and craft wineries have popped up throughout the foothills. Stop in for personalized wine tastings, which include some award-winning labels.

When you’re ready for a meal, the area also offers a fine variety of restaurants. Want to take the whole family? Choose from a range of casual and friendly places.

Looking for a romantic hideaway? There are a number of enchanting, private, tranquil spots.

From early breakfast to late night snacks, Placer County feeds its residents well:

Chapter 4:

Transportation In placer county

Sure, you can drive your car around Placer County. No problem. But since it’s so close to the state capital, the region has extensive mass transit systems. Buses or trains: take your pick.

Bonus! Because the area’s weather is generally quite agreeable, extended bike routes have developed. Bike paths, lanes, streets and rural routes connect Lincoln, and AuburnRoseville, Rocklin, and many other parts of the county.

See what’s available:

Chapter 5:

Best places to live in placer county

Where’s the best place to live in Placer County? Ask 20 different people, and you’ll probably get 20 different answers.

It all depends upon what you’re looking for. Each city has a distinct quality and tone.

Rocklin has rolling hills and mountain views. Lincoln has a charming historical section. Known for its endurance events, Auburn has earned the title, “Endurance Capital of the World.” Roseville is a progressive town, with lots of cultural activities and entertainment venues.

Read about each city, and decide for yourself which is best:

Chapter 6:

Things to do in placer county

Do you like the great outdoors? Because of its fine weather, Placer County offers lots of activities to get residents out of the house. Join a sporting league. Participate in summer water sports. Hike, bike, run, ride horses, fish, skate, golf… the list goes on and on.

Residents also have many indoor choices. Shop in huge malls, farmers’ markets or delightful historic downtowns. Treat the kids to indoor play areas or bowling centers. Check out local historical museums or go on an agricultural tour.

Take advantage of local movie and performing arts theaters, nightclubs and the casino. Visit art galleries and spas.

That’ll get you started, but these websites offer much, much more:

Chapter 7:

Placer county job market

If a new position brought you to Lincoln, Auburn, Rocklin, or Roseville, welcome and congratulations! But if you’re starting a job hunt, you’re in the right place: lots of employers with lots of opportunities.

In early 2016, Placer County’s unemployment rate was 4.6 percent. Several of the area’s biggest employers are in health, hospitality and technology industries. Local governments also provide many jobs.

Visit these sites for the lowdown on employment:

Chapter 8:

Placer County Demographics

You’re settling in Placer County. But who else lives here? What will your neighbors be like? We’ve found reliable sites with demographic information, so you know what to expect.

As with everything, each city is a little different. Lincoln has the potential to change, because it’s growing fast. Rocklin’s average age is a bit lower than Auburn’s. And Roseville has more diversity than the smaller cities.

Discover more about your new neighbors:   

Chapter 9:

Required Reading

The local governments of Auburn, Roseville, Rocklin, and Lincoln all have informative websites. They’ll introduce you to how the cities run and what services are available. Learn about local businesses and school systems. Get an introduction to the departments that help each city thrive.

Local papers let you dig into news, activities, and events. Find out what everyone has been up to…and make some plans for yourself.


Boy! We know that was a lot of information in a really short time, but we’re glad you got through it all. Now you’re ready to settle into your new neighborhood with just a bit more insight on how life will be. Please pass this on to anyone who may be moving to the Placer County area.

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