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Full Service Movers in Lincoln, CA

If you’re looking for a professional moving company in Lincoln, look no further. You’ve found the right place. Auburn Moving & Storage services the Lincoln area with distinction and pride. Give us a call at (916) 786-8683 and you’ll immediately see why Auburn Moving & Storage is the right choice for any type of move.

Our standards are high, which is why we have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Not to mention our sterling reputation as an ethical and dependable business, we’re also a member of the American Moving and Storage Association, and authorized instate agent for Bekins Van Lines and we employ a full-time staff, all of whom have been screened, licensed and insured.

There’s no surprises when you work with Auburn Moving & Storage. We are a straight forward, honest and dependable professional moving company with friendly and courteous customer service. So, if you need movers in Lincoln, call Auburn Moving & Storage.

There isn’t a move we can’t do. From local or intrastate moves to long distance cross country or even across the globe, Auburn Moving & Storage will get you moved anywhere, all while keeping you belonging safe and saving you from stress.

C’mon, peruse all our Lincoln moving services, and then get your free moving quote by giving us a call at (530) 823-8685 or send us an online request by clicking the “Get A Free Quote Now” yellow button that you see at the bottom of this page. You might even be surprised to find a service you didn’t know you needed!

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Moving from one Lincoln location to another to stay in the area? Can’t say we’re surprised! The city of Lincoln really does have something for that everyone can enjoy. For starters, it’s filled with history (take one of the history tour downtown, they are really neat!) and is surround by scenic backdrops, which you can enjoy when you hit the back roads and biking trails on the outskirts of town. Plus, there a true family vibe Lincoln, it’s a great place to live for anyone.

If you’re in the market for local moving services in Lincoln, Auburn Moving & Storage is your go-to professional moving company. This is our community and we’re proud to be one of your neighbors. Let us handle your local moves, we’ll treat you like family, because, well, here in Lincoln, that’s just the way it’s done.
Our local moving services covers any kind of move in Placer county. So, if you’re moving from Wildhorse community to Elk Grove or El Dorado to East Sacramento, or any where in-between, contact Auburn Moving & Storage and have your move go smooth from start to finish.

A long distance move can feel like a disaster waiting to happen. And, yea, there is a lot of work and planning that goes into a move like this, but you won’t have to worry about any of that, in-fact, you won’t have to worry at all when you have Auburn Moving & Storage on your team. If you’re feeling queazy just thinking about an upcoming long distance move, call Auburn Moving & Storage at (602) 633-5444 and put your troubled mind to ease.

A long distance move can mean anything from intrastate, to interstate traveling. When you’re facing that kind of distance, having experienced professionals on your side makes the whole process go smooth and easy.

Going even further than clear across the country and headed for an international destination? You might be surprised by all the logistics of pulling a move like that off without a hitch, but you know who isn’t surprised? That’s right, Auburn Moving & Storage. And that’s because we’ve done this before. We’ll orchestrate the plan from top to bottom on both ends of the move. You deserve to have your new life start without any stress or worry from moving.

For any kind of long distance moving services in Lincoln, call Auburn Moving & Storage at (602) 633-5444 and you’ll have peace of mind for the whole ride.

At Auburn Moving & Storage we love helping business with commercial moving services in Lincoln. Probably because we know how important it is for any business to be able to function like a well-oiled machine. Any downtime can be costly and you need to stay on top of your game during this moving transition. Auburn Moving & Storage is right there with you. Let us do the job we love to do, and you can continue to focus on exactly what you should be focusing on, your business.

Don’t get bogged down trying to figure out the logistics of your next office move, Auburn Moving & Storage as been doing this for years. Let us take the pressure of by determining the best plan of action. Our commercial moving services can take you anywhere. If you’re skipping across town, or across the country, you won’t have to worry about a thing with Auburn Moving & Storage on scene.

For a move that requires a bit more finesse, like moving a piano for instance, it’s so crucial to make sure the folks you entrust to such an item really and truly know what they’re doing. This is not the time to find out the guys you hired with a pick-up, a few straps and a whole lotta confidence, actually have no idea what they’re doing and clearly, have never done this type of move before. For all the bulk and heft of a piano, they’re quite delicate and intricate instruments, so moving them with proper technique and equipment is imperative. When Auburn Moving & Storage steps on the scene, they’re coming to you with a whole lot more than a truck. They come with experience, knowledge, the proper straps and equipment it takes to move your Baby Grand or old-timey upright.

Pianos aren’t the only specialty move we’re equipped to handle. Here’s a short list of the more common specialty moves our professionals have routinely tackled:

  • Pianos & Organs
  • Wine Cellars
  • Fine Art & Antiques
  • Auto Transport Services
  • Household Appliances

‘Specialty moves’ isn’t an industry term for “the big stuff”, it’s reserved for those items that require extra attention and care. For those belongings that are rare, delicate, valuable, or any other kind of treasures you’ve collected, Auburn Moving & Storage can ensure its safety with our specialized shipping crates. It’s a perfect option specifically for any kind of fine art or antiques.

Finding the best quality specialty mover in Lincoln isn’t difficult, you’ve already found us!

Packing Services

One of the first steps in moving is the one most people seem to dread: Packing. You can’t simply toss everything into bags and boxes, cross your fingers and hope everything will magically be all in one piece on the other end. Well, you could, but the odds of success aren’t really in your favor.

On the other hand, packing is a difficult task to hand off to friends, family or anyone you’ve managed to rope into helping. Packing can be a very delicate and tedious task. It’s also a whole lot more personal than almost any other part of the move. All your possessions being clumsily handled and jammed into boxes by people who, yes care about you, but don’t necessarily treasure these things as much as you do. Overall, it can feel like being stuck between a rock and a hard place. So what are your options? Bags, boxes and a wish or call the professionals at Auburn Moving & Storage, and dialing is the only finger you’ll have to lift.

At Auburn Moving & Storage we do care about you and each and every one of your belongings. Our professionals come prepared with the right packing supplies, boxes, tape, cushioning materials and everything else your packing project requires. And they’re professionals, so you know they’re going to treat everything with respect and care. We know how much value, sentimental or otherwise, your belongings can hold. That’s why it’s important to have the right people for the right job, and our experts at Auburn Moving & Storage are certainly the right folks to handle your packing services in Lincoln.

Then again, you might be the type of person who prefers to do the packing on your own. In that case, Auburn Moving & Storage can still help you. Chances are you’re going to need some supplies, those old boxes in basement might not be up to the task of holding stacks of books, your dining set, or even your collection of novelty thimbles. No sweat. We’ve got everything you’re going to need, and probably some packing materials you didn’t even think about. Contact us for our “standard” and “custom” pricing sheets for your packing materials.

Moving Boxes & Supplies

If you have the time and inclination to do the packing yourself, we can still help. Need moving supplies? We got it! Check out our complete stock of boxes, wrapping supplies, and tape.

Custom Moving Crates

Sometimes boxes just aren’t enough for moving that chandelier handed-down in the family for generations. Our crating service provides added protection for unique items that are a little more vulnerable. You can store them or move them with confidence.

There’s been a lot of talk so far about shipping, down-sizing, crating… it’s a lot to take in. Thinking about all the boxes and furniture you’ve got to go through can be overwhelming. Get some of it out of sight and out of mind with Auburn Moving & Storage storage solutions.

Using a storage unit come in handy in a lot of situations, and it’s not always moving related. Maybe you’re about to begin finishing your basement, or laying down new flooring, instead of dispersing everything throughout your home adding to clutter and frustration of home renovation, call Auburn Moving & Storage. We’ll come pick up whatever you need to store and thanks to our short and long term storing options, you can leave it with us for as long or as short need.

There’s no cause for concern when you’ve got a storage unit with Auburn Moving & Storage. Why’s that? Well, our facility is under 24/7 security and our storage solution units are climate controlled, meaning your stored belongings aren’t going to be tampered with or effect by outside elements. There’s nothing worse than having a friend keep your things in their basement, only to find when you pick it up they’re covered in mildew, or that their basement flooded or their cat found it’s way into all of your boxes. Those unpredictable wildcard scenarios just don’t to happen with us.

5 Reasons to choose us for your LINCOLN move

1. We take care of your things... and YOU!

Your home is filled with some of your most precious belongings, like photographs of loved ones, gifts from family and friends, and items with happy memories behind them. When you hire our Lincoln movers, you’re entrusting us with a big job, and that’s why we are 100% committed to taking care of your things. 

But, unlike some other moving companies, our commitment to care doesn’t stop there. We always put our customers first. From the minute you pick up the phone to schedule moving or packing services in Lincoln, to the moment you’re smiling and waving goodbye to us, you’ll be taken care of.

2. Quality & comprehensive services

When you’re looking for movers, it’s important to look at the quality and scope of moving services provided. You might need special attention if you have a piano or a hot tub, or an item that could be difficult to box like a chandelier. When you’re looking for movers, you want them to be top-notch, but you also want their services and equipment to be top-notch. Luckily, we offer custom moving crates, storage, packing services, and moving services in Lincoln. No matter what your needs, we have you covered.

3. our Lincoln movers are highly Rated & recommended

Our past customers have nothing but positive things to say about Auburn Moving & Storage in Lincoln. Check out our Google, Yelp and Facebook profiles to see our 5 star reviews. 

Moving can be stressful, but our clients always comment about our streamlined, stress-free moving process. After years of moving and packing, we have optimized our services to be some of the best in California. We desire every move to be better than the last, so all of our customers are happier than ever.

4. Transparent rates, and "not to exceed" estimates

When you give us a call, we will schedule an in-home estimate (in most cases) and provide you with an accurate rate. In fact, we give all our customers a “not to exceed” rate. Our base rates are calculated by how many movers you’ll need and how many hours it’ll take to move your things. From there, we will add on any additional packing materials, specialty items, and storage services, if desired.


5. Fully Licensed & Insured

Competition is fierce in the moving industry, and no matter where you live, you’ll probably find a lot of different moving companies to choose between. To us, the most important thing is your well-being and the well-being of your belongings. Lincoln’s Auburn Moving & Storage has a proven history of safety, reliability, and a high of service. We are licensed and insured so that you can rest easy knowing that you and your belongings are in good hands.

our moving process

We know there are a variety of essential factors that you have to take into account when you’re preparing for a move. Millions of people move every year, and unfortunately, some don’t have the best moving experience. Some moving companies have histories of late delivery, broken items, and up-charging.

Between our decades of experience, our high-quality moving and packing experiences, and our dedication to our trade, you’ll never have to worry about your moving and packing experience.

As soon as you contact us, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss with our moving coordinator, who will make sure we reserve the right crew, trucks, and materials for your exact needs. Your moving coordinator will be able to provide you with a quote, answer any questions, and outline the precise plan of your move.

Next, our expert moving manager will make sure his crew gets the job done right. You’ll see him working right alongside his movers so that he can ensure the highest quality experience. Your moving coordinator will have communicated everything with your moving manager so your moving manager will have your exact needs in mind as he leads his crew.

Finally, our highly trained moving crew will pack up your belongings with the highest level of care. The team will take care of any specialty items, list those heavy and hard-to-move objects, and finally transport your belongings to their new home. Your moving crew will also take care of any prep work that might need to be done in your home.

When you choose to move with Auburn Moving & Storage in Lincoln, you will be taken care of from start to finish. We cherish our customers, and we want them to feel the same way about us. With our commitment to quality, you and your belongings will always be in good hands.

Hire Reliable Lincoln Movers

Give us a call at (916) 786-8683 to get a quote for your Lincoln move. We’re happy to help you move anywhere from within Sacramento County to beyond state and country lines. With years of experience in the moving industry, we’re qualified to help you today. Take a look at our record:

Give us a call and ask to speak with a specialist about the details of your move. We promise an affordable, accurate quote along with valuable information on what to expect when moving in Lincoln, CA. Contact our Lincoln movers near you to learn more.

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Lincoln Moving Estimate

Give us a call at (916) 786-8683 to get a quote for your Lincoln move. We’re happy to help you move anywhere from within Sacramento County to beyond state and country lines. With years of experience in the moving industry, we’re qualified to help you today. Take a look at our record:

Give us a call and ask to speak with a specialist about the details of your move. We promise an affordable, accurate quote along with valuable information on what to expect when moving in Lincoln, CA. 

auburn moving and storage


Auburn Moving Company is fully licensed and insured and has more than 17 years of experience.

We strive to help you have the best move possible!

At Auburn Moving Company, every move is different so we offer affordable pricing based on your personal needs. Contact us today to get a free no-obligation in-home estimate.

We offer complete top to bottom moving services to each and every one of our clients, allowing them to be as involved – or not involved – as they’d like. If you’d like to sit back on the sidelines and have us do our thing, we are perfectly content to pack things up and move them for you, and if you’d like to take over specific portions of the project – and handle your own transportation, for example – we’re happy to help in any other way that we can.

When you’re moving from one place to another, whether it be a new home or an expansion of your business, storage can be a dealbreaker. Sometimes your new destination needs to be remodeled before you bring the furniture in or simply doesn’t have enough room for everything. Our team of professionals at Auburn Moving & Storage offer access to safe and reliable full service storage in Roseville, CA for all of your belongings for as long as you need.

We also offer longer-term storage solutions for businesses that need to be able to leverage them, providing them in the same facilities as our short-term storage options are.

For more than 10 years now, we’ve been providing top-tier moving services locallylong-distanceinternationally, and commercially. We have seen everything from high rises, apartments, townhomes, and condos to single-family homes, tiny homes, office spaces and more!

When it comes to moving, you are packing up your entire life. It is important to keep in mind there are some things a moving company cannot move. Finding this out on moving day can be frustrating. When the time comes make sure you have alternate plans for:

  • Hazardous Material (Bleach, Ammonia, Nail Polish Remover, Other Chemicals)
  • Combustible/Flammable Items (Propane tanks, Aerosols, Paint, Gasoline, Lighter fluid and kerosene, Charcoal)
  • Pets
  • Plants
  • Explosives (Ammunition, Fireworks)
  • Perishable Food
  • Valuables (Cash, Financial and personal documents, Jewelry, Checkbooks and credit cards, Medicine)

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