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Full Service Movers in Granite Bay

Granite Bay, CA Moving Company You Can Rely On

Whether you’re moving into a home in the area or looking to move your business locally, you want to choose the most reliable and professional moving company in Granite Bay, CA for the job. Auburn Moving & Storage offers excellent services for home and business owners alike, using years of experience in the industry to provide fast, efficient and safe moving solutions.

Granite Bay is located in Placer County, California, where it lines the westward shore of Folsom Lake, just east of Roseville. The area is a residential suburb of Sacramento, named for the prehistoric and fossil-rich granite that underlays the entire geographical area.

The majority of Granite Bay residents commute to nearby economic and industrial centers like Sacramento and Roseville on a daily basis, making is an attractive location for residential moves. Its location next to Folsom Lake also gives it an appeal to families who wish to enjoy bayside home living.

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Auburn Moving & Storage specializes in providing exemplary service for local moves in and around Granite Bay. Whether you’re coming from Sacramento and want to move to a calm, tranquil suburban lakeside environment or you wish to move from Granite Bay into the heart of the city, you can trust us to get that move done quickly and affordably.

Unlike other moving companies in Sacramento County, we take great care to minimize unnecessary charges while we work. Our movers are trained to cooperate with increased efficiency so that we spend less time waiting for packages to arrive, less time driving trucks from place to place and less time charging you for the service in its entirety.

If you’re coming from out of state or even outside the country and wish to move to Granite Bay, CA, we can help you make that transition smoothly. We are authorized interstate agents of Bekins Worldwide Movers, and can coordinate with agents in your area to provide services of a standardized quality so that you can rest assured your move will be a successful one.

One of the keys to a successful long distance move is organization. We are experts in inventory and resource management, giving us the edge we need to provide affordable world-class service when transporting people’s belongings on the long haul.

Businesses move for a variety of reasons. For instance, you could be expanding your base of operations to include Sacramento County, or you could be downsizing from a different office in order to compensate for setbacks. Whatever your motives are, your business interests are best served by hiring us as your professional commercial movers in Granite Bay, CA.

When it comes to business moves, every hour you spend in the moving process is an hour of productivity lost. Downtime is too expensive for you to suffer through any more of it than strictly necessary, and hiring our moving services is the best way to minimize the time you spend moving. Keep your clients and business partners happy by hiring us for you move so you can get up and running as quickly as possible.

Auburn Moving & Storage offers dependable services for moving large and awkward items. We are qualified to move pianos, hot tubs, safes and antiques that other moving companies may not be able to guarantee safe transport for. Our specialists are highly trained in the secure packing of specialty items.

If you own any large, delicate or heavy items that you believe qualify as specialty items, give us a call and ask for a quote on your move. We can walk you through the process of moving these items and give you an estimate on the cost of doing so.

Packing Services

As your preferred full-service moving company in Granite Bay, CA, we offer quick and efficient packing solutions to clients looking to move in or around the area. Professional packing is safer, more effective and faster than trying to do it yourself, and you can benefit from hours of saved time by leaving the job to us.

We have all of the most important tools and supplies for professional packing, including crating tools and modern packing foam materials that ensure 100% protection for even your most delicate belongings. Trust us with your property and you can be sure it’ll arrive in perfect shape.

Moving Boxes & Supplies

If you have the time and inclination to do the packing yourself, we can still help. Need moving supplies? We got it! Check out our complete stock of boxes, wrapping supplies, and tape.

Custom Moving Crates

Sometimes boxes just aren’t enough for moving that chandelier handed-down in the family for generations. Our crating service provides added protection for unique items that are a little more vulnerable. You can store them or move them with confidence.

As experts in local and long-distance moves in Granite Bay, CA, we offer our clients access to reliable and secure storage services. Our storage services come combined with our packing, transporting and shipping expertise, making them highly convenient for any situation in which you need to have access to your belongings at any time.

We offer storage units for rent in Granite Bay, CA and take care of moving our clients’ possessions into the units on their behalf. This makes the process a perfect, simple solution for anyone—just call us when you want your items back and we’ll ship them anywhere in the world for you. Whether you are downsizing your property and run out of space or just need us to hold on to some things for a while, you can trust us for highly professional storage service.

5 reasons to choose us as your Granite Bay moving company

Most families don’t move very often, so when you do, it’s important to choose a highly qualified Granite Bay Moving company .

1. Highly reviewed & recommended

Our previous customers rave about Auburn Moving & Storage in Granite Bay. We know you might have previously thought of moving as a stressful experience, but our clients always compliment our streamlined, stress-free moving process. After years of moving and packing, we have perfected our services to be some of California’s best. We want every move to be better than the last so that we have the happiest customers.

Don’t just take our word for it! Check out our Google, Yelp and Facebook profiles to see what our previous customers say about working with us.

2. Quality & variety of service

When you’re looking for Granite Bay movers, you want them to be top-notch, but you also want their services and equipment to be top-notch. It’s often suggested not to look for the best movers in general, but the best movers for you and your needs. You might need special services if you have a piano or a hot tub, or an item that could be difficult to box like a chandelier. Luckily, we offer custom moving crates, storage, packing services, and moving services in Granite Bay. No matter what you need, we have you covered.

3. Fully Licensed & Insured

Our Granite Bay moving company has a proven history of safety, reliability, and high-quality service. We are licensed and insured so that you can rest easy knowing that you and your belongings are in good hands.

There is a lot of competition in the moving industry, and no matter where you live, you’ll probably be able to find many different moving companies to choose between. We stand apart because, to us, the most important thing is your well-being and the well-being of your belongings.

4. We take care of your belongings... and YOU!

When you hire our Granite Bay movers, you’re entrusting us with a big job, and that’s why we are 100% committed to taking care of your things. Your home is filled with some of your most precious belongings. You’re likely to have gifts from family and friends, photographs of loved ones, and items attached to happy memories. 

But, unlike some other moving companies, our moving services don’t stop at taking care of your things. To us, taking care of our customers is just as important as taking care of their belongings. From the moment you give us a call to schedule moving or packing services in Granite Bay to the day you’re smiling and waving goodbye, you’ll be our highest priority.

5. Transparent Rates & "Not to exceed" quote

Our process has been perfected over the years in order to be the best value at the lowest price possible. Our customers can always trust us to give them the best deal. When you contact us, we will schedule a free, in-home estimate (in most cases) and provide you with a transparent quote. We also give you a “not to exceed” price so there are no surprises.

Our base rates are calculated by how many movers you’ll need and how many hours it’ll take to move your things. We will add on any additional packing materials, specialty items, and storage services if desired. It’s impossible for us to give you an exact calculation over the phone, which is why we typically provide an in-home estimate.

our moving process

We offer high-quality moving and packing experiences because of our dedication to our trade and our customers. We know there are a variety of essential factors that you have to consider when you’re preparing for a move. Millions of people move every year, and unfortunately, some don’t have the best moving experience. Some moving companies have histories of late delivery, broken items, and up-charging. You need a company, like Auburn Moving & Storage Services, you can trust.

As soon as you contact us, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss with our moving coordinator, who will make sure we reserve the right crew, trucks, and materials for your exact needs. Your moving coordinator will be able to provide you with a quote, answer any questions, and outline your move’s precise plan.

Next, our expert moving manager will make sure his crew gets the job done right. You’ll see him working right alongside his movers so that he can ensure the highest quality experience. Your moving coordinator will have communicated everything with your moving manager so your moving manager will have your exact needs in mind as he leads his crew.

Finally, our highly trained moving crew will pack up your belonging with the highest level of care. The team will take care of any specialty items, list those heavy and hard-to-move objects, and finally transport your belongings to their new home. Your moving crew will also take care of any prep work that might need to be done in your home.

When you choose to move with Auburn Moving & Storage in Granite Bay, you will be taken care of from start to finish. We cherish our customers, and we want them to feel the same way about us. With our commitment to quality, you and your belongings will always be in good hands.

contact your trusted Granite Bay movers

Give us a call at (916) 786-8683 to get a quote for your Granite Bay move. We’re happy to help you move anywhere from within Sacramento County to beyond state and country lines. With years of experience in the moving industry, we’re qualified to help you today. Take a look at our record:

Give us a call and ask to speak with a specialist about the details of your move. We promise an affordable, accurate quote along with valuable information on what to expect when moving in Granite Bay, CA. Contact our Granite Bay movers near you to learn more.

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Hire Granite Bay Movers

Give us a call at (916) 786-8683 to get a quote for your Granite Bay move. We’re happy to help you move anywhere from within Sacramento County to beyond state and country lines. With years of experience in the moving industry, we’re qualified to help you today. Take a look at our record:

Give us a call and ask to speak with a specialist about the details of your move. We promise an affordable, accurate quote along with valuable information on what to expect when moving in Granite Bay, CA. 

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Auburn Moving Company is fully licensed and insured and has more than 17 years of experience.

We strive to help you have the best move possible!

At Auburn Moving Company, every move is different so we offer affordable pricing based on your personal needs. Contact us today to get a free no-obligation in-home estimate.

We offer complete top to bottom moving services to each and every one of our clients, allowing them to be as involved – or not involved – as they’d like. If you’d like to sit back on the sidelines and have us do our thing, we are perfectly content to pack things up and move them for you, and if you’d like to take over specific portions of the project – and handle your own transportation, for example – we’re happy to help in any other way that we can.

When you’re moving from one place to another, whether it be a new home or an expansion of your business, storage can be a dealbreaker. Sometimes your new destination needs to be remodeled before you bring the furniture in or simply doesn’t have enough room for everything. Our team of professionals at Auburn Moving & Storage offer access to safe and reliable full service storage in Roseville, CA for all of your belongings for as long as you need.

We also offer longer-term storage solutions for businesses that need to be able to leverage them, providing them in the same facilities as our short-term storage options are.

For more than 10 years now, we’ve been providing top-tier moving services locallylong-distanceinternationally, and commercially. We have seen everything from high rises, apartments, townhomes, and condos to single-family homes, tiny homes, office spaces and more!

When it comes to moving, you are packing up your entire life. It is important to keep in mind there are some things a moving company cannot move. Finding this out on moving day can be frustrating. When the time comes make sure you have alternate plans for:

  • Hazardous Material (Bleach, Ammonia, Nail Polish Remover, Other Chemicals)
  • Combustible/Flammable Items (Propane tanks, Aerosols, Paint, Gasoline, Lighter fluid and kerosene, Charcoal)
  • Pets
  • Plants
  • Explosives (Ammunition, Fireworks)
  • Perishable Food
  • Valuables (Cash, Financial and personal documents, Jewelry, Checkbooks and credit cards, Medicine)

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