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Get to know Sacramento

What attracts more than 4 million visitors to Sacramento every year? Why are more than 450,000 Americans proud to call the capital of California their home? If you’re thinking of relocating to Sacramento, you’ve probably asked yourself these very questions. What makes Sacramento such a great place to live? More importantly, what makes it a great place for you and your family or business?

Deciding on a new location to move your family or business, as well as hiring movers in Sacramento should not be done without thinking it through and doing the necessary research. Once you’ve moved to Sacramento, you want to know that it’s a decision that will improve your quality of life, the life of your family or your business.

Auburn Moving & Storage knows that finding all the necessary information can be time-consuming. As a way of helping our customers, we’ve created a moving guide complete with essential facts about the city of Sacramento. The guide should answer many of your questions including how affordable it is, what the culture is like, what the people are like, and much more. In carefully reviewing our relocation guide, you can decide if moving to Sacramento is best for you.

Chapter 1:

Things To know

Most people are aware that Sacramento is the capital of California. They’re also aware that it is the fifth largest city in the state. Yet, unless you’ve traveled to Sacramento and experienced the culture, there is so much you still need to learn. Sacramento is an ethnically diverse, environmentally friendly city that is home to close to half a million people. Sacramento is well known for its “farm to table” cuisine, fine wine, and its history as the starting point for the Gold Rush in 1849. Here are three things about Sacramento that you may not know:

  1. Sacramento is home to 35,000 businesses.
  2. It is home to the largest “certified farmer’s market” in the state.
  3. By 2030, Sacramento’s goal is to have 37% of its energy provided by alternative resources.

What other things should you know before moving to Sacramento? Review the links provided below:

Things to Know


Chapter 2:

Utilities In Sacramento

According to Expatistan.com, a cost of living index site, the average monthly cost of utilities for 2 people would cost approximately $158 per month. This figure includes electricity, gas, water, and sewer. Here are some important contacts for setting up your utilities in Sacramento:

  • Water, Sewer, and Drainage – These services are all provided by the City of Sacramento Department of Utilities. They are responsible for supplying and maintaining water supplies, sewer collection, and storm drainage. It is important to point out that garbage, recycling, and waste charges are added to your water bill which is also managed by the Department of Utilities.
  • Gas and Electric – Electricity services are provided by the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD). This is a community-owned, non-profit electric service. Gas is provided by Pacific Gas & Electric or PG&E.

For more information on local utilities in Sacramento, review the important links listed below:

Local Utilities


Chapter 3:

Useful Resources In Sacramento

If you arrive at your Sacramento home and find a line down, who do you call?

If, heaven forbid, you or your family gets hurt while moving, do you know how to contact the local hospital or emergency room?

When you’re ready to register your kids for school, do you have the correct number for the board of education?

If you’re relocating for business, do you know who the county clerk is and how to get in touch with them about registering your business?

For those who have moved before, you understand that the moving process does not stop once the boxes are unloaded in your new home, apartment, or office. There are services that need to be turned on and steps that need to be followed to finalize the transition. We’ve gathered some important links and phone numbers to help speed up the acclimation process.

Useful Phone Numbers & Websites


Chapter 4:

What is the cost of living in Sacramento?

Whether you’re going to live, work, or learn in Sacramento, you need to be sure that you can afford it. All too often, people make a move without fully understanding what it will cost. Eventually, this can lead to a tremendous amount of debt and ,in severe cases, even the possibility of having to relocate to stay afloat. To avoid it all, it’s best to know what it will cost to live, learn, or operate a business in Sacramento. Here are a few key costs we’ve outlined below:

  • Average cost of rent in Sacramento is $1291
  • Average cost of a home in Sacramento is $239,600
  • Average cost of electricity for commercial properties in Sacramento is 37.07% higher than the national average

Some of the links we have listed below outline a more in-depth look at the cost of living in Sacramento including the cost of groceries, entertainment, and clothing. Review them below:

Cost of Living


Chapter 5:

Sacramento Weather

Does it get hot in the summer? Is there a lot of snow? What about the air quality in Sacramento? Weather is a significant factor in deciding where to live or start a business. Someone with allergies, for instance, might not move to a city where the pollen count is high most of the time. A business that specializes in merchandise for outdoor purposes might not fare well in a city where the climate is always cold or raining.

So…. where does Sacramento’s weather stack up? Best described as having a Mediterranean climate, Sacramento has very mild winters with little to no snowfall and hot, dry, summers that are often cooled down by the sea breeze. The average annual temperature is 61 degrees with the hottest month being July (averaging 75 degrees) and coldest month being December (average 46 degrees).

How's The Weather


Chapter 6:

Food In Sacramento

Where do you go for some good food in Sacramento? Luckily, the state’s capital has no shortage of dining options. In downtown and midtown areas like Freemont Park or Capitol Park, there are a lot of small cafes and breweries you can check out, while areas like East Sacramento are known for great restaurants and fine dining.

Known as the “Farm-to-Fork” capital, Sacramento is a region highly regarded for its agriculture over the past few centuries. With the ideal growing climate for year-round crops, Sacramento has many local farmers that provide fresh produce to its already top-rated restaurants. With more than 1.5 million acres of farms and ranches, you can rest assured that whatever you enjoy eating is locally grown and fresh. Want to learn more about the food in Sacramento? Check out some of the top restaurants included in the links below:

How's The Food


Chapter 7:

Sacramento Demographics

Sacramento, California, or “Sactown” as it is often called by its locals. It’s the city where the Kings rule and the Lakers drool. Sacramento is a city where the locals love bacon so much that they host an annual festival for it. A vibrant community where artistic creativity is often shown through galleries or on the city sidewalks. A city where they’re so stoked about going green that they’ve even come up with totally “green bars” on wheels.

Here are some facts about the locals in Sacramento:

  • Sacramento has quite an ethnic makeup. 50% of its population is Caucasian, 14% is African American and 19% are of Asian descent.
  • The median age in Sacramento is 33.
  • 17% of the population speaks Spanish.
What Are The Locals Like


Chapter 8:

Transportation in Sacramento

Not everyone chooses to travel by car. Depending on where you live, the intense traffic, high gas prices, or long commute times could persuade you to catch the bus, train, or taxi on a daily basis. But just how much will it cost you to get around Sacramento? Fortunately, they have a few public transportation systems that you can use to get around. Here’s the scoop:

  • Yolo Bus – One of the most affordable options for getting around Sacramento is using a service known as Yolo Bus. The service has various stops throughout Sacramento, Davis, Woodland and more.
  • Sacramento Regional Transit – another public transportation system is the Sacramento Regional Transit system. They offer bus and light rail routes daily to those traveling in the Sacramento area.

For those who’d prefer to drive daily, you’ll need to visit the local DMV to register your car and update your license. You can find information on the DMV and other transportation options listed below:



Chapter 9:

Sacramento Schools & Education

The city of Sacramento has several public and private schools as well as colleges. The Sacramento City Unified District (SCUSD) encompasses more than 70 educational facilities with more than 40,000 students.

Some distinguished alumni from the SCUSD schools include California Supreme Court Chief Justice, Tani Cantil-Sakauye, and political scholar Dr. Cornel West. Graduates from the school district go on to attend top universities like Harvard, Stanford, and Berkeley.

The school district’s diverse student population comprises 37% Hispanic students, 17% Asian, 17% African-American, and 18% Caucasian.

Sacramento also has some top-rated colleges nearby including:

  • California State College
  • Sacramento City College
  • Consumnes River College

Read on for more information on education in Sacramento:

Colleges and Education


Chapter 10:

Sacramento Job Market

The greater Sacramento area has made a significant comeback since the economic crisis in 2007. Although still higher than the national average, Sacramento’s unemployment rate has dropped below 5.5% with promising prospects for exponential job growth over the next few years. Some of the city’s most prominent industries right now include healthcare, construction, technology and the government. Some of the biggest employers in Sacramento include:

  1. Benefits Done Right Inc.
  2. Flagship Creative
  3. Health Educational Council
  4. Blossom Ridge
  5. Gilbert Associates Inc.
  6. Safelite Auto Glass

If you’re worried about the pay, you should know that employers in Sacramento pay competitively. The median household income in Sacramento is just a little more than $62,000, which has increased over the past few years.

Local Job Market


Chapter 11:

Best Places To live in Sacramento

Which Sacramento neighborhood are you going to call home? Where you decide to move in the city will directly affect your lifestyle. Do you need to live in a neighborhood that’s closest to the downtown area for easy access to highways, shops, and entertainment? Are you a college student who’d like to rent an apartment near campus? Is safety your priority? If so, you’ll want to move into a neighborhood with a low crime rate or perhaps a gated community.

Some of the best neighborhoods in Sacramento are:

  1. Point West
  2. River Park
  3. Sierra Oaks
  4. Marshall School
  5. Elmhurst
  6. Dos Rios Triangle

Click through the links below for more information on Sacramento’s neighborhoods:

Best Places to Live


Chapter 12:

Family Activities In Sacramento

If you’re relocating to Sacramento for your family, you’ll be pleased to know that there is a ton of entertainment and adventures for you guys to explore together. With more than 200 sunny days out of a year, being out with your family and having fun is simply the thing to do in Sacramento. Here are our picks for the best things to enjoy with your kids in Sacramento:

  • Fairytale Town – A fun outdoor oasis, Fairytale Town is great for families. Channel your inner child as you navigate through three-dimensional theater sets reenacting famed fairy tales and stories.
  • California State Railroad Museum – Explore the model trains and even take a ride along the Sacramento River.
  • Raley Field – If you love baseball, you’ll love the experience you’ll get with your family at Raley Field. Grab some crackerjacks, hot dogs, and cheer on the River Cats.

Want to find more fun family activities in the area? Here are some links to help you:

Family Fun


Chapter 13:

Sacramento Parks & Landmarks

When the weather gets warmer, it’s the perfect time to get out and explore the many parks and landmarks that Sacramento has to offer. Dubbed as the Farm-to-Fork Capital, City of Trees, and River City, you can only imagine the various parks and beautiful scenery there are to take in. In 2014, the Trust for Public Land ranked Sacramento as one of ten top cities in the country with the best parks. Below are some of our favorites:

  1. Funderland
  2. Southside Park
  3. Fort Point
  4. Sand Cove Park
  5. Emerald Tower Rooftop Park
  6. Historic Rose Garden at the Old City Cemetery

You can find more information on Sacramento’s parks and landmarks below:

Parks & Landmarks


Chapter 14:

Nightlife in Sacramento

When the kids are asleep or with the sitter and you’ve worked all week long, sometimes you just want to get out and let your hair down. Sacramento has many entertainment options. Their nightlife scene is one of the best in the Sacramento County area. From neighborhood bars to lounges, dance clubs, and live shows, the Sac’s nightlife scene appeals to most. Here are some of our top picks:

  1. The Park Ultra Lounge
  2. The Torch Club
  3. The Depot
  4. Comedy Sportz
  5. Fox & Goose
  6. Delta King/Suspect Murder Mystery

Check out the resources below for more information on Sacramento nightlife:



Chapter 15:

Things To do in Sacramento

After the nostalgia has worn off and you’re finally adjusting to Sacramento, what is there to do on a regular basis? Once you’ve seen the tourist attractions, what can you do to have a good time? There are actually a lot of things to do. Here’s a list of suggestions:

  • Take a bike tour
  • Local Roots food tour
  • Visit a waterpark
  • Tour a mansion
  • Go to one of many farmer’s markets
  • Go rafting on the Sacramento River
  • Cheer on the River Cats at a ball game

Below are resources for more suggestions on fun things to do in Sacramento:

Things to Do


Chapter 16:

Additional Reading

Named as one of the nation’s most diverse cities, Sacramento continues to evolve as the state’s capital. This agricultural community prides itself on providing some of the best-grown produce in the nation, thus providing a clean, fresh, and rich culinary environment for its residents. With top-rated educational programs, a rapidly declining unemployment rate, and a reasonable cost of living index, Sacramento is definitely a city worth considering calling your home.

Can’t get enough of Sacramento? Here’s some more information you might find useful:

Additional Reading



It’s a lot to take in, isn’t it? Don’t worry, you can come back and review the information as often as you’d like. Should you have other questions about moving to Sacramento, don’t hesitate to give our professional Sacramento Movers at Auburn Moving & Storage a call.

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