10 Ways Sacramento Residents Can Be Better

Self-improvement is something that tops nearly everyone’s list. People cite things like being more productive or more confident, trying new experiences, and being healthier or better at a skill as common ways they want to improve. If you’re in Sacramento and want to better yourself, look at these 10 ways the city can help you.

Get Involved

The Sacramento area is rich with opportunities for volunteers. No matter your interest, from the arts to education to the environment and more, there are endless possibilities for more involvement.

Say the movers have just dropped you off at your new Sacramento home and you’re wondering what to do. Rest assured there are several ways to be active throughout the community. One great place to volunteer your time is with the City of Sacramento Volunteer Program. It allows volunteers to assist with gardening, child development, animal care, and more. Some positions are open to those as young as 12, while others require the volunteer to be 18.

Follow Sports Teams

Sacramento is home to the Kings, the professional basketball team. The team is in the process of rebuilding, and, as a local, you can be a Kings fan even when it’s a bit painful. Being a sports fan makes you happier and healthier. It even correlates to higher levels of well-being and happiness with one’s social life. It also decreases feelings of loneliness. Sports fandom builds a community and is the perfect way to identify with others.

Support Local Restaurants

Instead of visiting nationwide chains, support the local restaurants. Chando’s Tacos enjoy the reputation of being the city’s finest. These tacos are made with fresh, local ingredients that cost less than $2 each.

Have a cheeseburger that will blow your mind at the casual local Squeeze Inn burger joint. Home of the “cheese skirt,” it has nine locations in Northern California. Listen to great music while enjoying your hot fries and cheeseburger.

Better yourself and your community by supporting local businesses and satisfying your taste buds at the same time!

Care for the Environment

It’s no secret Sacramento is an environmentally friendly city. The SMUD – their energy distribution system –made Sacramento a leader in both use and the development of clean fuel sources. In recent years, the city launched a $100 million-dollar energy retrofit fund. It hopes to raise the investment in green projects to $1 billion by 2020. As a resident, do what you can to help reduce your carbon footprint. Shop for eco-friendly fashion at Habitude and get your handbags at Matt & Nat.

Run a Triathlon

The city is home to “The World’s Oldest Triathlon®,” which celebrated its 44th race in July of 2017. Instead of running, biking and swimming, the race features a 5.82-mile run, a 12.5-mile bike, and a 6.10-mile paddle. The race’s creator, Eppie Johnson, loved kayaking so much, that he decided to forgo swimming and incorporated it instead.

Spend Time at the Rivers

The city is home to both the Sacramento River and the American River. The Sacramento River is used by boaters taking a trip to a swampland or heading to San Francisco. The American River is an international tourist attraction for those people seeking adventure, such as kayakers. Visit whichever floats your boat – being around water is good for the soul.

Go Hiking

Sacramento is a great place to live if you want to do some outdoor exploring. Get your heart pumping while enjoying some gorgeous scenery at the Consumnes River Preserve. Here, you can get up close and personal with a variety of amphibians and birds. There are trails for hikers of every level of experiences.

If you want some more sunshine – make sure to pack the sunscreen- try the Blue Heron Trail at Stone Lakes. The paved path loops around wetlands for about one mile. The trees don’t offer much shade, so dress accordingly, and get ready to enjoy fantastic views of hawks and cranes. The paths accommodate walkers, wheelchairs, and strollers too.

Enjoy Music and the Opera

Visit the Sacramento Music Festival every Memorial Day weekend. For the past 40 years, the festival has brought in music lovers of all type, not just jazz.

Sacramento is also known for its performing arts. Go see the travelling acts, or watch regular performances put on by the Sacramento Opera, the Sacramento Ballet, the California Musical Theater, or the Sacramento Theatre Company.

See What the City Has to Offer

The city offers an abundance of cool things to see and do, and one of those is Sutter’s Fort. If you haven’t been there since you were a kid, you need to check out this one-of-a-kind piece of history. The fort was built in 1839 as the first non-Native American community in the central area of the state. Trips to the Fort give visitors a glance of what life was like in Sacramento during that era.

Appreciate Your Home

The city is truly one of a kind! Appreciate Sacramento and its variety of activities and culture. There are new and fun experiences around every corner. You know that it doesn’t really matter if you agree on which ice cream shop serves the best scoops. What matters is that you take pride in the city you live in. The diversity of the town is the glue that holds everyone in the community together.


Bettering yourself not only inspires others, it can be a lot of fun. What’s more, it allows you to support others, boosts your confidence, and improves society. If you want to feel better and enjoy some new experiences in the Sacramento area, there is no shortage of ways to get started on your journey to self-improvement.