Tips for Moving with Pets in Granite Bay

Moving can be tough, but it can also be tough on our furry friends. Even if sometimes it can feel like our pets can understand exactly what we’re talking about, moving day can be confusing and overwhelming for them. If you have dogs, cats, fish, or anything in between, these simple tips from an expert moving company in Granite Bay can help you make your moving process go smoothly for both you and your pets. 

1. Pack a day of moving bag

Just like we mentioned in our day-of moving checklist blog post, packing a day-of moving bag is important. But packing a bag for your pet is also a key piece to having a smooth trip with your four-legged friend. Consider packing a ziploc bag of food, kitty litter, their favorite toys, grooming tools, and their bed. It might be a few days before your new home really feels like home, but you can help make the transition a little easier on your pets by having all of their favorite things close by. 

2. Choose a safe place for your pets to stay while moving

If you have anxious or aggressive pets, it is probably best to have your pets stay with someone they know while you move. Moving can be noisy and having strangers inside your home isn’t always easy for pets. Taking your pets to a friend or family’s house before the move can help avoid any extra anxiety for them. If your pets are pretty easy going, closing your pets into a quiet room while the movers do their job usually works well. But, most of the time, keeping your pets outside of your home is best for everyone. 

3. Pet proof your home before they arrive

If you choose to take your pet to a friend or family’s home while you move, it’s a good idea to pet proof your new home before you pick them up again. Make sure you remove any electrical cords that might be left out and to secure all of the screens in the windows. Finally, do a sweep around your new house looking for any pest-control poison traps or any other potentially dangerous items for your pets.

4. Adjust to one room first

Once you bring your pets into your home, have them adjust to one room first. Try moving in some of their favorite toys and have things as set up as possible. This will allow your pets to adjust to any new smells, sounds, and sights before having access to the entire house. 

5. Final tips

Other things to remember while you’re moving with pets is to find a new vet and have your old vet send over any important information to them. Also, remember to update their tags or microchip information to represent your new address and phone number. Finally, keep a close eye on your pets during the first few weeks because if they get out, it’s possible they’ll get lost. 

Moving with pets doesn’t come with a one-size-fits-all solution, but we hope these tips for moving in Granite Bay with your pets can help make the experience a little better for you and your furry friends.