7 Things Your Movers Wish You Knew

When you’re moving in Granite Bay, you want it to go as smoothly as possible. But there are a lot of moving parts on moving day and it can sometimes get stressful. We have always believed that clear communication is key to a successful moving day, which is why we want to share this list of seven things movers wish their customers knew. 

1. Let Us Know When You Have Heavier Items

When your moving company prepares your estimate, they’ll probably ask you about speciality items like hot tubs, grand pianos, and sculptures. These items require a lot more care than a cardboard box. Plus they’re usually a multiple-man job, which is why moving these items is usually more expensive. While it’s understandable that these items slip your mind, nobody likes a surprise like this one. Not only will it lead to some extra expenses that weren’t listed in your estimate, but it could also push back the timeline of your move. Moving companies in Granite Bay provide the exact right number of men and truck space they’ll need to move your things, so an extra grand piano can really throw a wrench in the plan. 

2. Label Your Valuables

Movers handle every box with care, but they like knowing when there is something extra special or fragile inside. No mover wants to go from carrying boxes of sturdy books to a box of your wedding china without knowing it. We suggest either setting your valuables aside and moving them in your own car or labeling them so that the movers know to be extra careful.

3. Be Around

It might be easy to leave the movers on their own while they do their job, but it’s common for movers to have questions. They might have questions about where to move certain items and what not to move. If you’re not there, the movers will have to use their best judgment, which isn’t always what the customer had in mind. But if you have to go somewhere quickly, let the movers know. 

4. Labeling

Most people think about labeling their boxes, but not as many think to label the rooms. The movers might be able to guess which bedroom is the master, but they might not know which bedroom the boxes labeled “Bobby’s room” should go in versus “Sally’s room.” Other things you might need to differentiate between include: the formal living room vs. the living room, the office vs. the den, etc. Labeling your boxes and the rooms they’re supposed to go in make things super easy for the movers.

5. Think light

While movers are trained to lift heavy objects, they won’t be able to lift things that are too heavy. Avoid packing boxes with a ton of books or other heavy items and think to empty out drawers from big dressers. If something is too heavy for a mover to move they’ll have to unpack the box and repack it into multiple boxes, which will waste time and money. 

6. Think ahead

Do you live on a street that rarely has street parking? Think to block off enough space for the moving truck with cones. If you live in a city, you might even have to apply for a special temporary parking permit. If you live in a gated community, think to warn the gatekeeper about your mover’s arrival. 

7. Let the mover’s work

We’re here to help you and want things to go as smoothly as possible. While we appreciate the gesture when one of our customers asks us to help, it’s usually better just to let us work. We have a system for moving everything as safely and successfully as possible and extra hands can throw things off balance. While we definitely love having our customers around to answer any questions, don’t worry too much about helping us besides then. 

As Granite Bay movers, we want to help anyone in our community looking to make their move a little easier. Feel free to reach out if you have any moving questions!