Top Tips for Saving Money While Moving

Moving to a new home can get expensive. Between closing costs, moving costs, new furniture, and cleaning/repair costs, things can get pretty pricey pretty quickly. As a moving company in Lincoln, we can’t control your closing costs or the price of your new leather couch, but we can help you make your move as cost-efficient as possible with these top tips for saving money while moving.

1. Find used moving boxes

When you’re buying a lot of moving boxes, the price can add up. You can save money by asking around to see if any friends or family have any boxes you can use. You can also ask your local grocery store or liquor store and see if they have any extras they would be willing to give you. Finally, checking online marketplaces like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace can be a good option when looking for used moving boxes. 

2. Adjust your moving date and time

A few months ago we shared this blog post all about the most affordable times to move, but if you’re looking for a quick overview off-season dates and mid-week dates are usually cheaper. If you’re looking for the most affordable time to move in Lincoln, winter is usually your best bet. Since demand is lower in the winter, moving companies typically have more flexibility, so they’ll be more likely to cut you a better deal. Moving Monday through Thursday might also save you a little bit of money since those days are less popular.

3. Pack things yourself

Some moving companies in Lincoln offer packing services. While these are a great time and energy saver, it won’t save you any money. Consider taking a weekend or two to pack your things yourself to save money on packing costs.

4. Purge before you go

Instead of packing up all of your stuff, consider getting rid of some things before you go. By reducing the amount of things you have to move, you’ll save money. You might want to consider selling old furniture, donating old clothes, and throwing away any clutter. Not only will you save time and money moving, but you’ll also arrive to your new home with a completely fresh start. If you want some more advice on selling things before you move, you can check out our blog post that shares five tips for holding a successful pre-move sale

5. Pack your car

If you have items that won’t be hard to move on your own like clothes, jewelry, and toiletries, you might think about packing them in your car and moving them on your own. While this will add more time to your move, it will help you save money. The less your movers have to move, the less time it will take and the less it will cost.

As a moving company in Lincoln, we hope that your move goes as smoothly as possible whether you follow these cost-effective moving tips or not. We wish you the best of luck!