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The Best Local Movers in Fair Oaks, CA

Whether you’re a kid at heart or you’re just looking for the perfect community to raise your children in, you’ll find this unique and quaint town in Sacramento County an ideal place. Fair Oaks, CA offers a lot of varying lifestyles. Whether you want to live close to the city, reside in an area where your children can grow and have lots of playmates, or have a quiet little home away from all the hustle and bustle, there is something for you here.

Auburn Moving & Storage, a moving company in Fair Oaks, CA wants to help you relocate. We have several years of experience in the moving industry and have helped countless other families and businesses get settled in the community.

Unlike our competitors, we bring a lot to the table including:

  • An A+ rating with the BBB
  • A 2014 Super Service Award from Angie’s List
  • Accreditation by the Auburn Chamber of Commerce
  • Bekins Worldwide Movers authorized agents

Located just 17 miles from downtown Sacramento, Fair Oaks, CA gives you easy access to major commuter highways like the US highway 50. With 9 major parks spanning across 25 acres, there is no shortage of outdoor activities and fun for children, families, and seniors. Complete with public, private, and faith-based schools, sending your children off to a learning environment they enjoy will not be a problem. This close-knit community of only 33,000 residents is the perfect place for those looking for peace and quiet.

If you’re moving to Fair Oaks, CA soon, give us a call. Auburn Moving & Storage are experts in the area and in the moving industry. We can help you get settled easily.

Fair Oaks, CA Moving Rates

Just how much will it cost to relocate to Fair Oaks, CA? Since every household has their own moving needs, we have different options to keep you informed at no additional cost. Depending on how fast and accurate you want your moving rates to be, here are two methods to arrive at a quote:

Ballpark Estimate – Contact our moving company in Fair Oaks, CA today by phone or by completing the online form for a ballpark estimate. We will ask you key information about your move to determine how much it will cost you. This estimate won’t be as accurate but can give you a general sense of what we charge to help you move.

In-House Estimate – Accurate moving rates help you to determine your moving expenses more precisely. So if you’d like a more thorough estimate of how much it will cost to move, contact our moving company in Fair Oaks, CA. No matter where you’re located, we’ll send an agent to evaluate your home and find out how many movers and what services would be required.

We want to be able to provide reasonable moving rates for those looking to move to Fair Oaks, CA. If you have a specific budget in mind, contact one of our moving specialists to see what we can do for you at prices you can afford.

Depend on Fair Oaks Movers for Services

Each person’s moving needs aren’t all the same. Some prefer to do most of the work themselves, while others would rather leave it to the professionals. We have both full-service and basic offerings that you can take advantage of.

Residential Moving Services in Fair Oaks, CA – Our local and long distance movers in Fair Oaks, CA are experts at moving items and furniture from your home. Whether you need assistance with a studio apartment or a 5-bedroom house, we have the necessary moving supplies and manpower to complete the task at hand. Our residential movers are trained to handle all of your items with care.

Commercial Moving Services in Fair Oaks, CA – From dropping off boxes of old documents at a recycling center to placing things in storage and relocating your entire business, our moving company in Fair Oaks, CA can help you take care of business. While you tie up loose ends or keep the cash rolling in, our local movers will do all the packing, lifting, and assembly you need to safely move to your new commercial property or storage unit.

Local Moving Services in Fair Oaks, CA – Moving just a few streets over? Don’t go through the hassle of renting a truck, packing, and unloading on your own. We have local movers in Fair Oaks, CA that can move you quickly without compromising quality and convenience. We have quality moving supplies, years of industry experience, and the manpower to help you move in just a few short hours.

Long-Distance Moving Services in Fair Oaks, CA – Planning a move in unfamiliar territory can all but make you want to pull your hair out. Our moving company in Fair Oaks, CA, however, can rectify that. Being an authorized agent for Bekins Worldwide Movers, we have the ability to help organize and plan your move from virtually anywhere in the US. We have the resources and the skills to ensure that your move to Fair Oaks is hassle-free and

Specialty Moving Services in Fair Oaks, CA – Antiques are some of the heaviest items in your home, and it can be a big pain to move them. Rather than mess up something of value, our Fair Oaks movers will do the moving for you. Packing it carefully to ensure safe transport and loading the moving truck are included in this service.

Packing Services in Fair Oaks, CA – Not everyone has the time or patience to pack a home or office. That’s where Auburn Moving & Storage comes in. We have local and long-distance movers ready to help you pack your belongings. Taking care of your items as if they were our own, we guarantee your items will be packed and transported safely and on time.

Storage Services in Fair Oaks, CA – Got more items than you have space for? That doesn’t mean you have to get rid of them. Instead, talk to our moving company in Fair Oaks about storage options. We have storage units for rent where you can keep anything that doesn’t fit into your new home or commercial property. We’ll carefully transport those things to storage and ship them to you as you see fit.

Whether you want to do most of the moving or you want professionals on hand to guide you every step of the way, our goal at Auburn Moving & Storage is to tend to those needs for you. If you require moving services in Fair Oaks, CA, give us a call for a ballpark or an in-house estimate.

We Are Proud to Serve the Neighborhoods in Fair Oaks, CA

We pride ourselves on being one of the top-rated moving companies in Fair Oaks, CA and we work hard to live up to our reputation. Whether you’re moving to the historic eclectic neighborhoods of Fair Oaks Village, a property near the river such as Hazel Bridge, or a tiny little college near Bird Track, we are ready to be of assistance in any way that we can.

Common Questions When Hiring a Moving Company in Fair Oaks, CA

1. I have a car that needs to be transported, can you handle this for me?

Yes. As an authorized agent of Bekins Worldwide Movers, our local or long-distance movers in Fair Oaks, CA can transport additional cars along with your personal items.

2. Are there things I should pack?

Yes. There are certain products that simply do not ship well in moving vans. Harsh chemicals like aerosol cans, bleach, and other cleaners, along with perishable items like groceries, should not be packed on the moving truck. Try to use as much of this as you can prior to moving. If you have a lot left, you’ll need to pack it and transport it yourself.

3. What should I do if something was damaged during the move?

We do our best to keep your items safe, but should something gets damaged, all you have to do is reach out to our moving company in Fair Oaks, CA to discuss the matter. If you purchased insurance, we will assist you with filing a claim to receive compensation.

Moving to Fair Oaks, CA? Start Here

Planning your move to Fair Oaks, CA should extend beyond merely acquiring local or long distance moving services. You also need to make sure you’re familiar with the area and local laws. We’ve selected a few resources that you might find interesting as you plan your move.

  • Auburn Moving & Storage Blog – If you need advice on moving, packing, or hiring a moving company in Fair Oaks, CA, check out our company blog.
  • Fair Oaks Chamber of Commerce – This site will give you a sneak peek into what Fair Oaks is all about. From the history of the city to information on schools, housing, and community events, you’ll find everything you need right here.
  • Active Rain – In the process of looking for a home in Fair Oaks, CA? Active Rain provides some insight on what each of the neighborhoods are like.

Before you start stressing over how you’re going to move successfully, contact Auburn Moving & Storage for advice, estimates, and our service offerings. You may just find that working with us is a lot easier and more affordable than doing it on your own. Call us at (530) 823-8685 for inquiries.

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