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Expert Moving Services in Folsom, CA

Professional Folsom Movers

Home and business owners alike choose Auburn Moving & Storage when they need fast, reliable moving services in Folsom, California. With affordable storage, packing and specialty moving services available for residential and commercial clients alike, our Folsom movers can turn even a stressful, complex move into a simple and —yes— even pleasant experience.

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Folsom, as made famous by the unforgettable opening lyrics of Johnny Cash’s 1955 masterpiece song, is a city with much more than a prison to its name. Part of a metropolitan area that includes Sacramento, Arcade, Arden and Roseville, the city is a bustling hub of commercial activity with over 76,000 residents. Multinational technology giant Intel is the area’s main employer, supporting a major share of the busy local economy.

Auburn Moving & Storage provides valuable local moving services in Folsom, CA to both businesses and homeowners. We move furniture, heirlooms and office equipment as well as specialty items such as sculptures, pianos and more. We’re happy to offer you a free quote on your move—simply call and ask one of our specialists to fill you in.

Call Our Folsom Movers For The Best Folsom Moving Rates

Contrary to popular opinion, calling a professional moving company isn’t out of the average homeowners’ financial reach. Choosing the right movers in Folsom can actually save you money. This is because highly professional movers like those we employ at Auburn Moving & Storage save you time—and everyone knows that time is money.

Instead of spending days off work to pack all of your belongings yourself, you can have us take care of the job for you and get the entire move finished in one sitting. This is the primary value to be enjoyed by choosing us as your Folsom, CA movers, and it applies whether you’re busy working a full-time job or if you’re a student moving into the area to attend Folsom Lake College.

To get an idea of our rates, call us and ask for a quote. Even if you haven’t started preparing for your move, we can give you an estimate based on the number of rooms’ worth of items you would like to move. We can then suggest how many movers and trucks you need to get the job done, with packing, loading and unloading all accounted for in one affordable quote.

Choose us for Residential Moving Services in Folsom, CA

Moving your entire household from one property to another can seem like a daunting, stressful task. With us as your preferred residential moving company in Folsom, CA, however, it’s as easy to start as making a single phone call.

While there are many residential Folsom movers near you, not all of them carry a reputation as trustworthy as ours—check out our perfect rating with the Better Business Bureau for yourself! In an industry with fly-by-night moving operations making enormous promises they can never keep, it’s important to choose residential movers with a record you can trust.

We can move your home from Elk Grove to Rancho Cordoba or even as far as Placerville without issue. If you wish to pass state or international lines, we can do that for you, too. In each case, you can be sure your belongings are in safe hands, to be delivered intact without a hint of damage.

Commercial Moving Services in Folsom, CA

If your company is looking to expand or wishes to move its headquarters to a more feasible location somewhere in the area, you’re in luck. Auburn Moving & Storage offers the fastest and most efficient services for commercial moves in Folsom, CA. Call us and let us know what kind of equipment you need moved and one of our specialists will provide you with a quick, accurate quote.

When hiring a commercial moving company in Folsom, CA, you want to make sure time is on your side. Moving your business can be a major inconvenience because downtime is expensive, and not only in lost productivity—you could upset clients and partners alike by taking too long to finish your move. Auburn Moving & Storage handles long-distance and local commercial moves with the utmost efficiency and professionalism, however.

Folsom Local Movers

At Auburn Moving & Storage, we provide our clients with quick and efficient services for local moves in Folsom, CA. Whether moving from Fair Oaks to Rocklin or from Carmichael up north to the El Dorado Hills, you can rest assured you’re getting the best rate on the market by working with us.

We make local moves easy and affordable for our clients. When you choose us, we make sure our employees are well organized so that you don’t end up charged unnecessarily. Other moving companies have no incentive to be so efficient and productive, so they’ll happily charge for every hour their employees spend waiting for the moving truck to arrive in order to make a local move “worth their time”.

Long Distance Movers in Folsom, CA

When moving across state lines, organization and efficiency become more important than ever. Thankfully, Auburn Moving & Storage has a robust and highly developed system for keeping track of our clients’ belongings and making sure they arrive safe and sound at the destination desired.

Not only does our modern approach to inventory and resource management give us an edge when it comes to performing long distance moves in Folsom, CA, but it helps us charge lower rates than anyone else in Sacramento County. Let us know how many rooms’ worth of items you’re looking to transport over state or international lines and we’ll give you a comprehensive quote on the move.

Folsom Specialty Moving Services

Not all movers are qualified to offer specialty moving services in Folsom, CA. There are many items that are too awkward, too cumbersome or too heavy to move easily. Even otherwise trustworthy moving companies can fail with these items simply because they don’t have the experience necessary to move them successfully.

Examples of items that require specialty services include pianos, safes and hot tubs. A piano is far too heavy and delicate to be moved by anyone other than one of our experienced specialty movers, and while safes are less delicate, their extreme weight makes them dangerous to move without the proper tools.

Hot tubs are complicated because of their great size and awkward shape, and may need to be disassembled for moving. In each case, we offer the experience necessary to get your specialty items transported safely and securely into their new home.

Senior Moving Services in Folsom

At Auburn Moving & Storage, senior moving service is one of our specialties. There are a number of unique considerations that Folsom movers need to keep in mind when moving seniors’ items, and we have the best local track record for senior moves in the region, especially around nearby Lake Natoma, which offers fishing, hiking and other outdoor activities ideal for maintaining a healthy, active senior lifestyle.

Whether moving seniors into retirement facilities or getting them into a new family home, the ability to pack delicates quickly and safely is the most important asset we offer. Seniors tend to have more heirlooms and delicate items of sentimental value that need great care when moving in Folsom, CA.

Folsom Storage Services

When moving anywhere in this area, one of the most useful assets you can have on your side is reliable storage services in Folsom, CA. Some of the reasons why you may need to move include downsizing your property and renovation of the new property—if you’re looking for affordable, secure storage for your property for this reason, rely on Auburn Moving & Storage.

Our company offers storage units for rent alongside complete services for getting your items from you and delivering them back to you when needed. As experts in packing, loading and transport, we are the best option for both short- and long-term storage in Folsom, CA. Have us hold on to your belongings and we’ll ship them anywhere in the world when you’re ready!

Packing Services in Folsom, CA

We are a full-service professional moving company in Folsom, CA, so it stands to reason that we offer complete packing solutions for commercial and residential clients alike. With us, packing specialists will take care of your belongings in a quick, efficient manner, packing them securely using modern materials like crates and shrink-wrap.

We are Folsom’s most qualified packing specialists, ready to pack just about any item or items you need. Give us a call and ask for a quote for your move with and without packing—the value will be immediately apparent.

Trust Auburn Moving & Storage With Your Folsom Relocation

Give us a call at (916) 786-8683 to get a quote for your Folsom move. We’re happy to help you move anywhere from within Sacramento County to beyond state and country lines. With years of experience in the moving industry, we’re qualified to help you today. Take a look at our record:

Give us a call and ask to speak with a specialist about the details of your move. We promise an affordable, accurate quote along with valuable information on what to expect when moving in Folsom, CA. Contact our Folsom movers near you to learn more.

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