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We’re Top-Rated Movers in Lake Tahoe

When you need to move in the Lake Tahoe area, you’re going to have a bunch of different options.

Best Lake Tahoe Area MoversHowever, there aren’t too terribly many other moving companies in the region with the kind of accolades and reputation that the Auburn Moving & Storage has.

Multiple award winners, pillars of the community, leaders in youth groups and a major part of the charitable efforts of the Lake Tahoe area and beyond, this is the kind of company that you’re going to be able to trust and rely on.

Here are just a couple of the services that they provide.

Local Residential Moving Services in Lake Tahoe Area

Whether you’re looking to pack house and have it moved from Nevada County to Placer County, or clear across the country – or globe, for that matter – you’ll have the chance to do so with the help of these full service residential moving services.

Full service moving plans are available for a true “hands free” move option, while “piecemeal” plans are available to if you’re looking for just a bit of help on a budget.

Local Commercial Moving Services in Lake Tahoe Area

Moving your business from one location to the next can be a nightmare without the right help, especially if you’re trying to remain up and running during the transition.

With the help of the commercial moving services in the Lake Tahoe area from Auburn Moving & Storage though, things get a lot easier.

You won’t have to worry about:

  • Doing any of the heavy lifting
  • Fighting the logistics of the move
  • Setting up shop while you could be doing higher leverage things for your business…

… And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Packing, crating, and storage services available

Sometimes though you aren’t going to be looking for full blown moving services, but instead something significantly more streamlined.

If you’d like just a bit of help packing and organizing your things (a major source of stress during most moves), or if you’d like to have your prized possessions crated and stored for the short or long term (in a climate controlled and secured facility, no less), then the Auburn Moving & Storage can help as well.

The people of the Lake Tahoe area trust the professionals at the Auburn Moving & Storage because of their ability to provide them not only with the help they need when it’s time to move, but also because of the community focus they have.

This is not a company that is anything but appreciative of their local area and proud of their local roots. They’re just as happy helping members of the Sacramento Kings move as they are State Senators, mayors, and regular folks across the board.

Contact the Auburn Moving & Storage today!

The Auburn Moving & Storage is ready and willing to give you every ounce of help you need to make your next move a lot simpler and more streamlined.

If you’d like to kick things off the right way, and get the ball rolling with your move in the Lake Tahoe area, contact these pros at their office today. The number is (530) 823-8685, and they’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

On top of that, you’ll have the chance to take advantage of a free in home consultation (with no obligation) and they’ll bring 10 free heavy duty moving boxes as a gift.

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