Moving Quote

No two moving projects are the same. Two families living next to each other are unlikely to receive the same quote – even when they are both headed to the same neighborhood in a different city. We realize that the cost of relocation is an important part of your decision. We provide quotes of varying levels of accuracy depending on how much information you provide us.

Remember to include all parts of the home. Clients sometimes forget to include the items in the garage, basement, attic or backyard when seeking an initial quote.

Ballpark Estimate

This is a high level estimate that could give you a rough idea of how much you can expect to pay. Several factors determine the quote but the most important is the distance of relocation and the weight of your items. This estimate could increase depending on what additional services you want as part of the move. These additional services include packing, special handling, and appliance services.

In-Home Estimate

We send in one of our agents to your home so they can see firsthand what the move will involve. This is a free service that you are under no pressure to commit. Our expert will be able to provide recommendations on what can make the move easier and more efficient. You’ll also get a brief on our moving procedure.

Protection and Valuation

When you choose Auburn Moving and Storage, an insurance cover for your belongings is included at no additional cost. We have more protection options available if you have delicate or high value items that require special handling and full value replacement protection. Our agent can help you with suggestions on packing, crating, appliance handling, and storage.

Get Your Quote Now

We are an interstate mover on behalf of Bekins Van Lines, one of the largest, oldest and most reputable moving companies in America. We adhere to the highest standards of care and are focused on delivering a world class service to each client who chooses to use us. If you have any question about our pricing or any other matter concerning moving and storage, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.